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Gypsy Soul Candles has been committed to giving back to the local community since 2016.

A fundraiser was created to give sleeping bags to those in need around the Caboolture area. The idea was to find preloved jars, make candles and sell them at a discounted rate. The money would then be used to purchase sleeping bags- we have also been able to purchase food, yoga mats and male & female sanitary items. Candles for Warmth has now donated 150 plus sleeping bags, just in time before winter arrives. The same local NGO facility is supported, which I am passionate about as I know people directly benefit. 


Jess is the face, voice & heart of Gypsy Soul Candles, the one woman show that coordinates it all and is passionate about supporting other women to rise.

Jess has been a mother since she was 16 years old, now she is a Mama of 5 beautiful children and a fur Mama of two dogs & a cat. Jess is a skilled multitasker who loves to use vision- goal setting- planning- action with intent to achieve.
An avid lover of astrology, crystals, plants, essential oils and forever a wanderer with a love of travel. Jess is a very honest & loving woman who loves to create and build a life with the family she has made.

A Registered Nurse by trade and forever an advocate of the vulnerable, Gypsy Soul Candles was born from the desire to be creative and stepping away from the clinical side of nursing.
By 2015 Gypsy Soul Candles began her journey.

Gypsy Soul Candles uses premium soy wax for all candles, each candle is hand poured and all products are designed/made/chosen by Jess. Gypsy Soul Candles is stepping into more connection with self and as Jess grows to embrace her true creative and feminine energy, I hope you may too.

Thank you for being a part of my journey, community and supporting myself & candle business.

Lots of Love and light.
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